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Monday, August 28, 2023

Sonic Tumblr Post: 2023-08-28 16:00:53Z

"Way Past Cool!" By: MrWaen

Panel 1 features Tails trying to relax on his couch, but struggling to find comfort in the intense summer heat. Sonic runs past in the background and notices his friends discomfort. Tails says: "Oof! Sure is hot this summer!"

Panel 2 depicts Sonic turning on the A/C for his friend. Sonic chimes in with a solution to the heat: "I've got a 'cool' idea! I'll turn on the A/C!"

Panel 3 takes place at the end of the month. Sonic and Tails are frozen solid in a block of ice. Dr. Eggman kicks down the door and presents them with the utility bill and says, "Any more 'cool' ideas? Ha Ha!"

Panel 4 is the following month. Sonic and Tails have taped their A/C so that no one uses it. Sonic now sits on the couch and tries to cool down by having Tails spin his tails like a fan. Sonic politely asks if Tails can spin his tails, "Little faster, please?"ALT
Tell us about yourself!

Hello, my name is MrWaen. I'm the administrator of two Facebook pages: 1) "คนอะไรเป็นแฟนหมี" ( and 2) "นี่เพื่อนไงจำไม่ได้หรอ?" (

What are you known for?

I started creating a Facebook page focusing on cartoons, gags, and memes 10 years ago. Over time, I have developed my own characters and started drawing cartoons featuring them. Now, combining the followers from my two Facebook pages, I have accumulated a total of over 3 million followers.

Who is your favorite Sonic character?

I really like Cream the Rabbit. I love how she interacts with the camera when sliding in Sonic Advance 2. It's also fascinating that she can use her ears to fly. She's an adorable character, and her ears are incredibly strong, as she can even carry Big the Cat, hahaha!ALT
What was your first encounter with Sonic?

My first encounter with Sonic was on the Gameboy, although I don't remember exactly which Sonic game I played since I was very young. However, I do recall that it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed Sonic's iconic spiral leg style of running, which felt unique and refreshing. I also loved when Sonic transformed into a ball to charge up power. Rolling left and right to increase momentum and speed through the map was not only exciting but also sparked an interest in the subject of physics among kids. However, I must admit that I was never one of those kids, haha!

Besides this Sonic comic, do you have anything exciting coming up?

Please check out my two Facebook pages, "คนอะไรเป็นแฟนหมี(" and "นี่เพื่อนไงจำไม่ได้หรอ?(". I create and share cartoons on these pages daily. Your visit, likes, and shares would mean a lot to me and provide me with valuable mental support :)ALT

There’s nothing quite like chilling with your friends, as shown here by MrWaen!

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