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Monday, September 4, 2023

Sonic Tumblr Post: 2023-09-04 16:00:42Z

In Van Partible’s comic, we’re reminded how making new memories with your friends is fun! Capture each moment so you can remember them forever.

The Great Outdoors by Van Partible
Several photo selfies of Amy Rose, Rouge the Bat, Cream the Rabbit, and Cheese the Chao are seen with various silly expressions in the woods throughout the comic. In the last panel, Amy and Rouge stand on the shores of the beach reviewing the photos. Amy says, "We should go out and take pictures of nature more often.ALT
Tell us about yourself!
My name is Van Partible and I grew up in Salinas, California: The Lettuce Capital Of The World!

What are you known for?
I'm mostly known for creating Cartoon Network's "Johnny Bravo" & directing of Amazon Prime's "Pete The Cat."

Who is your favorite Sonic character?
My favorite Sonic character is Amy Rose. I feel as though her designers developed a really solid female character which I appreciate as I have two daughters. 

What was your 1st encounter with Sonic?
My 1st encounter with Sonic was playing him on the original Sega Genesis back in the 90's. It was cool because it was a new console & the graphics blew me away!

Besides this Sonic comic, do you have anything exciting coming up?
I always have something exciting coming up, but unfortunately, I have to sign NDA's. But I can say that I'm joining my friends for some convention appearances around the country in the next few months, so I look forward to meeting all the people who supported Johnny Bravo & Pete.ALT

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