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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Sonic Tumblr Post: 2023-09-13 16:01:11Z

Picnic Time! By: Shijueming
Panel 1 shows Cream the Rabbit pushing a baby carriage full of cute Chao as Amy Rose follows behind with a picnic basket full of goodies. Rouge the Bat watches in the foreground thinking, "I'm not really the type to hang out like that...". In panel 2, Cream trips and the carriage full of distressed Chao are seen whisked away offscreen. In Panel 3, Rouge swiftly flies to catch the carriage before it falls off a cliff into the jaws of a Chopper. In Panel 4, Cream, Amy, and the numerous Chao surround Rouge with love, laughter, and food as Rouge thinks, "Maybe this isn't so bad after all!"ALT
Tell us about yourself!
I'm an indie game developer and a video game concept artist.

What are you known for?
I'm known for being good at drawing in different art styles. My most popular account focuses on videos of my ancient Chinese-styled illustrations.

Who is your favorite Sonic character?
My favorite has to be Sonic.

What was your first encounter with Sonic?
Watching Sonic X was the first time I found out about Sonic.

Besides this Sonic comic, do you have anything exciting coming up?
I designed stamps and stickers that ended up going viral on social media and art websites in China! I also got to make a giant promotional illustration for the China International Cartoon & Game Expo (CCG EXPO)!ALT

Rouge learns that there may be more value to friendship than she realizes in Shijueming’s comic.

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