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Monday, September 25, 2023

Sonic Tumblr Post: 2023-09-25 16:00:52Z

Page 1

An aerial view of Northstar Island. Dr. Eggman and Fang the Hunter look on.

"Here's your target...", starts Dr. Eggman, "...Northstar Island! A remote paradise said to contain incredible wonders."

"Yeah? Like what?" asks Fang.

"That's why I've hired you to find out. I need someone to hunt down any beasts, treasures, or people that will help me conquer the world. And that someone is... NACK THE WEASEL!" Dr. Eggman responds.

"You keep doing that! I dropped that fake name ages ago!" Fang proclaims.ALT
Page 2

Dr. Eggman continues guessing Fang's name. Fang explains why his name changes so often.

"Jet the Jerboa?" asks Dr. Eggman.

"No." Fang says, annoyed. 

"Fang the Sniper?" Eggman asks.

"Gettin' warmer." Fang teases. 

"Fang the...Hunter?" Eggman asks, unsure.

"There ya go, big boy." Fang sarcastically remarks.

"Well that's needlessly confusing." Dr. Eggman grumbles.

Fang explains, "Hey, when you're a wanted criminal like me, you use all sorts of tricks to cover your trail."

Images of various wanted posters of Fang are displayed behind him.

"Whatever. I'm paying you to hunt, not talk!" barks Dr. Eggman.

"You got it, Doc." Fang says, turning away to fly down to the island.ALT
Page 3

Fang swoops down to the island in his Marvelous Queen vehicle to begin his investigation.

"This has gotta be the easiest gig ever! 'I'll pay you a heap load to look around a tropical island!' Sure whatever you want, Egg-mook!" Fang thinks to himself.

"Maybe there's some ruins or something here. I'll show him some relic, pocket any treasure for myself, and cash out! It's perfect! It's..." Fang continues thinking, before being interrupted by a disturbance in the brush. Fang whips his head around to look, but whatever was there scurried away before he got a good look at it.ALT
Page 4

Fang continues looking around frantically. He pushes a button on the Marvelous Queen to radio Dr. Eggman.

"Hey Doc? You -uh- don't happen to know if this island is inhabited, do you?" asks Fang.

"Gee, I'd better hire some kind of expert hunter to scout around and find out... Oh wait! That's you! So stop wasting time and get to work!" Eggman says sarcastically. 

"Oh I'm billing you extra, just for that... Alright then. Let the hunt begin!" mutters Fang. He pulls out his trusty cork pop gun and ventures deeper into the island.ALT

Sonic Superstars: Fang’s Big Break Part 1

Dr. Eggman hires Fang the Hunter to scope out an unfamiliar island, unaware of the dangers ahead…

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