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Monday, October 2, 2023

Sonic Tumblr Post: 2023-10-02 16:02:30Z

A Flicky, Clucky, Pocky, Picky, and Ricky watch as Fang ventures deep into the jungle. Trip’s helmet is seen stealthily observing from the shadows. Fang thinks to himself, “Maybe I was seeing things? There’s nothing but happy critters around here.”
Fang then grimaces as he recounts past failed attempts to fight Sonic. “This is beneath me! I’ve gone toe-to-toe with Sonic before! I only lost because of...Technical issues!”ALT
Fang furrows his brow with resolve as he ponders, “This time’s gonna be different! I’ll---GAK!”
He shockingly realizes that he’s standing in a large bird-like footprint. He mumbles, “Something huge left these tracks...”
Tipping his hat, Fang confidently states, “Now this is a hunt worthy of my expertise!”ALT
Fang kneels down to further examine the mysterious footprints while also remembering his past failed attempts to steal the Master Emerald and being beaten by Knuckles. He thinks, “With tracks this big, hunting this thing down will be easy-peasy. After all, I managed to track down onna the most legendary treasures...The Master Emerald! Of course, I ran into the same problem every time...Three times at least!”ALT
Fang walks up to what he believes is a blue boulder to rest, “But that was Knuckles! I can handle some dumb animal!” he reflects. 
After further examining the blue boulder, Fang comes to realize that this is no mere rock but a giant rosy-cheeked Flicky. Gazing up at the giant bird innocently eating grapes, Fang takes advantage of the situation by firing his cork gun at the unsuspecting animal while shouting “Ah-HA!”. The cork boinks off the Flicky’s cheek. Next, the shocked Flicky angrily turns to look down at its aggressor while a single tear rolls down its face.ALT

Sonic Superstars: Fang’s Big Break Part 2 Having spotted a mysterious creature disappear into the jungle, Fang delves further into the Northstar Islands to investigate.

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