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Monday, October 9, 2023

Sonic Tumblr Post: 2023-10-09 16:02:20Z

Fang looks up in surprise as the giant Flicky stands tall with its wings spread and SQUARKS! Fang turns to make a swift retreat as the aggravated Flicky follows closely behind him. During the chase, Fang’s trusty cork gun drops and is crushed beneath the giant Flicky’s feet.
Fang grips his hat while running and thinks, “Get your act together! You’re repeating your past mistakes! You’re better than this! You have to be!” ALT
Fang turns to stand his ground against the giant Flicky.  “This thing is bigger and stronger than you, so don’t take it head-on...” he contemplates to himself. Using his springy tail, Fang proceeds bounce around the massive bird. “Get it off-balance and tire it out!” Fang strategically says to himself. Eventually, the giant Flicky topples backwards with a dizzy look in its eyes. Next, Fang places his fingers in his mouth to let out a whistle. “Don’t get your hands dirty...” he says.ALT
Suddenly, Fang’s vehicle, The Marvelous Queen, VROOOM's through the brush and parks itself in front of Fang."...Make sure your tech is in working order and use that instead!" Fang continues to himself. With the press of a button, a giant rope net launches out of the Marvelous Queen and traps the giant Flicky. The Flicky tries to escape. "Oh no you don't!" Fang shouts. Fang struggles with the rope. "HRRNGH!" he exclaims as he tightens the net around the Flicky."Gotcha, ya giant goober." Fang proudly states while admiring his catch from above. Fang suddenly turns his head to the left. Something is approaching...ALT
Trip, armed with a spear, emerges from the brush and confronts Fang. True to her name, she trips on a root before she has a chance to attack. She drops her spear in the process. She reaches out to grab it, but Fang steps on the spear and snaps it in half. CRACK! "Not your lucky day, huh? I've got questions, and you're gonna answer every one of them ~~ or else!" threatens Fang. To be continued in... Sonic SuperstarsALT

Sonic Superstars: Fang’s Big Break Part 3

Learning from past mistakes, will Fang finally succeed in his nefarious plans with Dr. Eggman?

Continue the story when Sonic Superstars launches next week!

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